WoW boosting in both PvE and PvP has been an incredibly popular service over the past few years. Due to many players not having the time to invest in their character, they often turn to online services in order to keep up with the rest of the population that has more time on their hands to improve their toon.

When you do a search for boosting service, you will be greeted with a very long list of different providers all offering services at different rates. Sometimes this can be overwhelming trying to choose not only a reputable company, but also one that offers boosting at a reasonable price.

This is why finding a reliable boosting service online can be difficult. We’ve already made a list of the best prices available online on our homepage. The three that we have listed, all have good reputation and provide a legitimate service.

Below, you will also find reviews of the highest rated World of Warcraft boosting companies. Our team has went ahead and purchased boosts from these companies anonymously. This allowed us to provide an unbiased review of each company. Review

Starting off with, these guys have been around for quite a while. In fact, according to their website they have been boosting since 2007, giving them a whopping 11 years in the industry. When searching around, most companies started in 2011 or later. So they do have an edge when it comes to company history.

What we loved about is that they have very good pricing and you don’t deal with customer service that is located overseas. We went ahead called their 800 number prior to purchasing anything and it was pleasent to be able to speak with someone that knew perfect English and was located in the United States.

To test their service, we purchased two products. One of them was a Self Play RBG to 2200 rating. The other was a pilot in 3v3 Arena for 2000 rating. Both went extremely well.

The RBG lead, Kasper, does a wonderful job making sure you are taken care off to the fullest extent. He even gave me his personal cell phone so that he can contact me right before they queue and play games. Needless to say, it was a very good experience with Their RBG staff is second to none, and I highly recommend the self play service over sharing your account. It gives you the opporunity to be able to learn how to PvP better and it was a very easy process to get to 2200 rating.

The 3v3 service also went well. However, the response time on Skype when I needed an update on my order was sometimes slow to respond. They don’t have 24 hour customer service like some other websites, which is one of the downsides to using It took 3 days to complete my boost from 0 to 2000 rating. Which is still a decent turn around time.

Overall, I was extremely happy with both of my orders. My experience with was wonderful, and I would highly recommend them if you are looking for any WoW boosting services.


– Great Price considering they are American Based.
– Solid turn around time on completing my order.
– Had no harm done to my account, no suspensions or any negative actions.


– Their customer service can sometimes be slow to respond on Skype or Discord.
– No 24 hour live chat service.

Blazing Boost Review

Blazing Boost offers a wide range of services, stemming from PvE boosts to even Overwatch boosting services. Their selling point is that they use software (Safe Carry) to make your purchase virtually undetectable (more on this later).

I love that Blazing Boost had 24 hour customer service and were able to provide instant responses along the way. There was never a time where I was waiting for an update on my order as there was always someone available to help. They do not have an 800 number that you can call and speak with someone live, but I still felt comfortable using their services as they seem to be advertising everyone online, including Twitch.

We ordered a 3v3 boost to 2000 rating on a rogue this time around. The process was very easy. After making a purchase, we are told to make an account and download a program called Safe Carry. After downloading and installing the software, you then leave it open at the same time as the person assigned to your order is playing. This allows you to bypass any “lock” that happens to the account. We believe that it mimics your IP so that it is hidden when someone else is playing your

Everything with the order was fine, up until roughly 3 weeks after my order was completed, I received an email from Blizzard that my account was suspended for 30 days!
Suspension email from Blizzard after using blazing boost
As you can see in the image above, my suspension was for “a player on this account used a different game account to take part in exploitative play.” My hypotheses here is that because my account was linked with safe carry and they have other people using it, I was also tossed into the mix. My suspension was just lifted last night, I am relieved to report that the rating and the achievement have stayed. However, it is clear that Safe Carry is not safe to use.
Blazing Boost offer a great service and great customer service, but there is a large risk when using their Safe Carry system. If you don’t care about getting suspended, then they are a great option as your rating and achievement still stay. If you want to avoid suspension, then look elsewhere until they solve their safe carry issues.

– 24 hour customer service.
– Very quick response time.
– Finished my order in 2 days.

– My account was suspended for 30 days.
– Safe Carry DOES NOT work.